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Support Policy

Below are some tips to ensure that our small team is able to move your request along efficiently. 

Availability & Emergencies

Our team is generally available Monday-Friday, 8am PST to 5pm PST, excluding all federal holidays, and we strive to respond to emails or support requests within 2 business days. If you have an emergency support request (outside of our business hours), please text “EMERGENCY” to (323) 645-4218 and we will reply as soon as we are able. Note that this should be reserved for emergencies only (for example, if your website is offline or not working). 

To submit a new support request, please complete the form here or email with the details.

Please keep all updates about your request in a single email thread. Avoid creating new threads or forwards; this helps to ensure that all information about the request is documented and available in one place so nothing gets missed.

Take your time to gather all your feedback and try to send everything through in one email instead of multiple ad-hoc messages every time something else comes to mind. Otherwise, it is very easy to miss a thread and go through another round of revision.

If you have a new support request, please create a new email thread vs. replying to an existing one. This will keep the requests separate and make it possible for us to ensure each is fulfilled properly.

IMPORTANT: Please create a profile on Asana with a headshot image and your full name.

Always use your unique Asana request form to submit tasks. You can find this in your Asana project or by entering the name of your organization on our support request form. Don’t request new tasks in the comment of another task.

Take your time to gather all your feedback and try to send everything through in one comment instead of multiple ad-hoc messages every time something else comes to mind. Otherwise, it is very easy to miss a comment and go through another round of revision.

Task Statuses

Task Queue – our team has received your request and is reviewing it. We’ll move tasks to in progress as there is room based on the priority you set and due date. If you need to reprioritize tasks, just let us know in the comments. Feel free to fill up your task queue. You don’t need to wait until the previous task is completed. It also helps us to manage the workload.

In Progress – Your retainer includes 1 or 2 in progress tasks at a time depending on your plan. Tasks in this stage are actively being worked on by our team and you may see comments from our team members as we make progress, but no action is needed from you unless there have been changes on your end.

Internal Review – Once our team has determined a task is complete, we move it to Internal Review so that another team member can review and double check things before we send it back to you. You may notice changes on your website or task request at this time and it may appear to be done, but we are still double checking things to ensure we didn’t miss anything!

Needs Approval – Once our team has approved a task, we move it to Needs Approval and will comment and tag you so that you can review. If you have any feedback or changes, please let us know via a comment. Otherwise, you can comment that it’s done and we’ll move it to complete.

Stuck – If we were working on something but are unable to move forward until we receive feedback, assets, or answers from you, we will move it to Stuck and comment so that we can work on other tasks until we hear back. We’ll move the task back to In Progress once you comment with the items that we need.

We bill hourly for content, design, or functionality changes. This fee also applies to any support or training requested outside of the Knowledge Base or existing videos in your client portal training library. We can estimate how long a request will take once it’s received and confirm you’d like to move forward before we begin.


Our support retainers are built as a proactive partnership and safety net for your business. You can learn more about the options here. If you have a retainer with us, we’ll keep you updated as we near the hours each month so that you can prioritize your requests.

Support Blocks

If you aren’t on a retainer with us, you can purchase prepaid blocks of support in increments of 2 hours. These hours are based on our team’s availability and often have longer resolution time. If you want guaranteed access to our support, you’ll want to sign up for a retainer. If a request will take longer than 2 hours, we’ll let you know how many hours you will need to get started.

If there’s ever an uptime or security issue on your website, this will be resolved and is covered under your monthly maintenance plan, unless it is a result of a change from you or a third party.