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Business without the burnout

Meet Valerian: a lovely little plant whose root has been used in traditional medicine to help with sleep and anxiety relief.

It began with a question

After over 10 years of business, we were no strangers to burnout and disappointment. But that’s just business, right? But then we asked ourselves:

“Does good business have to come at the cost of peace and well-being?”

The philosophy behind Valerian

We started to wonder if we could build something new where we prioritized the well-being of our clients and our team in the way we did business. And once we started thinking about it, we knew we had to make it a reality.

We believe that humans are made for more than the grind, for more than emails and meetings, for more than business.

Our Core Values


Clear is kind. For us, honest and direct communication is the only way to do business, so we won’t ever leave you wondering what’s going on.


We believe in lifelong learning. Our team is constantly seeking out new opportunities to grow and learn so we can bring that knowledge to our clients and peers.


It’s important to be a good human. We’re all interconnected, so we foster an environment where our team and our clients can bring their whole selves to every project.


Better solutions come from creative problem-solving. We love to innovate and experiment because we know that’s where the best ideas are born.

Our Team

We work remotely but have roots in California, Texas, and Ohio

Ben Daron

Binge-watcher, Halloween enthusiast, and Valerian Owner

Crystal Missler

Rollercoaster enthusiast, sheep collector, and Valerian Developer

Amy Ashley

Reader, embroidery artist, and Valerian Copywriter

Manny Salazar

Anime fan, plant parent, and Valerian Success Manager


Bull terrier, banana connoisseur, and Valerian mascot

Well-being for the planet

Connectedness means taking care of the world the way we take care of our clients

We partner with Ecologi to offset the carbon footprint of modern business and help in the effort to take better care of our home. 

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