Valerian Support Retainers

We’ve got your back, not to mention your website

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Don’t let support availability slow you down​

Our support retainers are built as a proactive partnership and safety net for your business. When it’s time to grow, the last thing you want to do is lose momentum waiting, searching for a contractor, or learning to do it yourself.

New pages

Added features/ functionality​

Targeted landing pages​

Content updates

Choose your support retainer


2 hours



5 hours



10 hours


Each Essential plan includes: Guaranteed availability, Consultations, design, development, and support, 2 business day response time to requests, Average 5–7 day turnaround (depending on the task), One active task/request at a time, Access to our support team via email, Asana, and The Greenhouse


15 hours

2 active tasks/requests at a time


30 hours

4 active tasks/requests at a time

Each Enterprise plan includes: Guaranteed availability, Consultations, design, development, and support, 1 business day response time to requests, Average 3–5 day turnaround (depending on the task), Access to our support team via email, Asana, and The Greenhouse

Even without a support retainer, we’re still here for you!

Support block

2 hours | 1 active task/request at a time | $300

Non-retainer support is subject to our team’s availability.

Interested but aren’t a Valerian client?

We reserve our support retainers for our clients. Because we are committed to giving our clients the best service possible, we don’t allow folks to sign up for just our support retainers. If you’re interested in getting this kind of support for your website, please take a look at our website offerings or take our website quiz to see what website package would be the best fit for you and your business!


Our retainer plans guarantee our availability. If you don’t have a retainer, we might not have room in our team’s schedule to accommodate your request. For businesses and organizations that often need to make updates to their website, consistently add pages (such as individualized landing pages, etc.), or are experiencing growth, retainer hours can be essential to keeping up.

Broadly speaking, retainer hours can be used for consultations, design and development of new or existing pages, or other kinds of support requests. Some examples of particular tasks can include (but are not limited to):

  • Designing and developing landing pages for different client groups or particular service/product offerings
  • Adding new pages to your existing website after launch
  • Exploring and implementing plug-ins or new features/functionalities

If you aren’t on a retainer with us, you can purchase 2-hour blocks of support. This time can be used just like the hours for retainers (consultations, design, development, and support), but they are based on our team’s availability and often have longer resolution time. If you want guaranteed access to our support, you’ll want to sign up for a retainer.

No, unused support hours don’t roll over. This ensures that our team can plan our availability in a way that is consistent and accommodates all our clients’ needs.

If you’re consistently going over your retainer hours, you’ll want to consider changing your plan, but we know that folks are bound to go over sometimes. If you use up the entirety of your allotted hours for the month, you can purchase additional blocks of 2 hours for $250. These blocks are subject to our team’s availability, and they will not be prioritized in the same manner as your retainer hours.

Yes, we offer discounted retainer rates for our Essential packages to nonprofit organizations:

  • Sprout (2 hours) $200/month
  • Establish (5 hours) $500/month
  • Grow (10 hours) $1,000/month