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General Support Estimates & Turnaround Time

At Valerian, we're big believers in clear communication and reasonable expectations.

We know that expectations are the place where so many business relationships feel the most friction. At Valerian, we’re big believers in clear communication and reasonable expectations, so we’d like to take a minute to specify the difference between “tasks” and “projects” and what expectations our clients should have around the timeframes associated with both. We’ll also try to provide the most comprehensive list possible for the kinds of requests you can make of our team, as well as general estimates and turnaround time.

Take a look below to see the tasks and projects that we currently have in our catalog of services. These are the routine requests we receive, and the estimates are based on our past work, so they might vary a bit for your particular task or project. When you make a request, we’ll gather your information and one of the first things we’ll do is clarify cost and timeline.


For our team, tasks can be accomplished in a day or in the span of a couple of days. They’re typically incredibly straightforward, don’t require much back-and-forth, and build on something that already exists. A couple examples might be updating content on your website for you or creating a new form. 

Task NameEstimated Hours*Avg. Turnaround* (Business Days)

Website Content Update

.50-2 hours1-2 days

SEO Description Updates

.50-1 hours2-3 days

Adding New Blog Post

.50-1 hour1-2 days

Create new website form (complex)

4-8 hours4-6 days

Create new website form (simple)

1-2 hours2-3 days

Landing Page Copyediting

2-4 hours5-7 days

Landing Page Copywriting

6-10 hours7-14 days

Landing Page Design Concept

4-8 hours3-5 days

Email Newsletter Template

8-10 hours3-5 days

Landing Page Development

2-4 hours2-3 days

Email Template Development

3-5 hours2-3 days

Payment Integration

3-8 hours4-6 days

Create opt-in pop up

1-4 hours2-3 days

Site Speed Optimization

6-15 hours7-14 days

Integrating Website with 3rd Party Tool

.5-3 hours2-3 days

General Zoom Consultation

.5-1 hour

Create new WP Fusion feed with CRM

.5-2 hours2-3 days

Cookie Consent Setup

2-4 hours2-3 days

Google Console Errors Check

1-4 hours2-3 days

WP Fusion (CRM Integration) Set Up

3-4 hours3-5 days

DNS/CloudFlare Assistance

.5-4 hours3-5 days


If we’re talking about a project, we’re typically dealing with something more involved that requires a bit of planning and may occupy a longer stretch of time and/or require several rounds of communication. An example would be designing and developing a blog for your existing website or designing a new website. 

Task Name

Avg. Turnaround* (Business Days)

Estimated Investment*

Blog (complex)

3-4 weeks


Blog (simple)

2-3 weeks


Copywriting: 1 Page Quickstart

1-2 weeks


Copywriting: 5 Page Quickstart

2-3 weeks


Quickstart Website: Five Pages

4-5 weeks


Quickstart Website: One Page

2-4 weeks


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