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Guide pages on the Body by Bikini website.
The calming and authoritative Waystone website.
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One Page Website


+ our $49/month care plan

Ideal if you…

  • are building your first website
  • need a quick turnaround
  • want help figuring out what to put on your website

Five Page Website


+ our $85/month care plan

Ideal if you…

  • are doing a website refresh
  • want more control over the timeline of your launch
  • need guidance on what goes where

Wordpress Website

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+ our $125/month care plan

Custom site availability is limited

Ideal if you…

  • are looking for a concierge-style experience
  • need custom features and functionalities
  • want a lot of pages on your website

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What is the difference between Quickstart and Custom?

The tale of two websites

Macy has owned a successful gym for several years, but she’s recently sold it and is starting a new gym. Now she needs a website.

Sam is the head of a large health and wellness company, but their website hasn’t been updated in over five years and he worries it’s chasing potential clients away.

A word about our add-ons and care plan

Everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we offer add-ons for:

Copywriting Services

Get a Valerian copywriter to help with all the copy for your website

Blog Design

Launch a fully-developed and branded blog with your website

All our websites come with our Valerian Hosting and Care Plan​​

You’ll get our outstanding hosting and care plan so the well-being of your website is taken care of too.

Flexible support options are available to our clients​

We offer multiple options for our support retainers so you can get exactly what you need, or clients can always request on-demand support.

We’ll let our recent work do the talking

The Daron Farms home page.
Snippets of the bright Body by Bikini website.
Mobile views of the Robbins Madanes Training Home and About page.

Curious about our process?

We believe building a website shouldn’t make you miserable

What our clients have to say


Our Quickstart process is the sweet spot between a custom site and using a template. We don’t think templates are a great way to design a site because they tend to come out looking rather cookie-cutter—not ideal when you’re trying to stand out! So we took best practices and formulated an approach to website design that allows you to give us all the details about your site and then we use that information to design a site built on our best-practices building blocks. It isn’t fully custom, but it also isn’t a template.

Custom websites, on the other hand, are designed one-of-a-kind for each client. If you need a lot of features or functionalities on your site, or if your site requires a lot of different pages, a custom website will be the way to go.

Still not sure about the best fit? Take our website quiz and we’ll help you figure it out!

We have handy visualizations for our Quickstart process and our Custom process.
We limit the number of custom websites we take on in a year. This is because we want to do right by all our clients and by our team; custom sites are time-consuming and labor-intensive, and we never want to end up with a bunch of projects piled on top of one another where we’d have to cut corners to get them done on time. We always prioritize giving each and every custom site the time and attention they deserve.

For our Quickstart websites, once we have all your content, we can turn your site around very quickly: 3–5 weeks is typical for a Quickstart project. If you select help with your building blocks, these steps can make the process a bit longer. The timeline really depends on how quickly you can get all your info input into your project portal.

For Custom, once we have all your content, design typically takes 1 week for every 2 pages on your site. This is an estimate as some pages are shorter and less complex than others. Any additional services you choose will extend this timeline. If you can get your content to us quickly, the process will proceed along our typical timeframes.

Yes! We build all our sites on WordPress using the Elementor page builder, which is very intuitive and easy to use. We provide training videos to you as part of your custom website package so you have everything you need to be able to make changes to your content and photos; you’ll even be able to add additional pages yourself if you choose to.

If you’re doing Quickstart, the process is built to take you through the best use of your website, bit by bit. We’ll gather your information by asking a series of questions and guiding you through the reasons we’re asking them and where they’ll live on your final site. If you’d like more hands-on support, you can choose to hire our expert copywriter for your project.

For Custom websites, you can book planning sessions with us to strategize together on your sitemap (the plan for the layout of all of your pages) as well as an outline for your content. If you’d like more hands-on support for your copy, you can hire our expert copywriter for your website project as well.

We can help! As part of the sign-up or application process, we’ll provide you with multiple options to get help with these details, or you can always work with a designer of your choice. Having a logo and brand guide is important to the success of your website, so we do require them to begin design and development.

We can likely support them! We build on WordPress which powers over a third of the websites on the internet. That means there are tons of pre-built integrations and functionality available to you. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll most likely be able to make it happen. If you have a lot of unique needs, a custom website will be the way to go since our Quickstart process isn’t built to accommodate a lot of integrations.

There’s a lot that goes into keeping a website running smoothly and securely. Our monthly fee covers the required hosting and maintenance for your website. It also gives you access to our support team for hourly or retainer support.

So, what's the difference?

Our plans vary in a few ways, but the most important difference is content and how we arrange it. We believe that content drives design, so we’ve made different plans for different content.

Quickstart One Page Website

All content is arranged in content blocks on a single page.

Quickstart Five Page Website

All content is arranged in content blocks on five separate pages: Home, About, Services/Products, Contact, and a Bonus page.

Custom Wordpress Website

Fully custom pages, content blocks, and sitemap options.

Macy’s Quickstart Website Story

Macy has owned a successful gym for several years, but she’s recently sold it and is starting a new gym. Now she needs a website.

Macy doesn’t have a huge budget for her website, and with the gym’s opening coming in just a few months, she decides to go with the Quickstart website. She chooses the one-page option because her goal for the website is really just for people to find information about her gym online.

Because she’s trying to keep her website expenses low, she doesn’t choose any add-ons. She’s glad that Valerian includes a grammar checkup because English was not her favorite subject in school. But she does have a DIY attitude and is confident that she’ll be able to tell her story well, with a little help.

After signup, Macy is given access to her project portal on Content Snare where she inputs her business information and her branding details, and then she gets started on the copy for her website.

The Quickstart process walks her through terminology, best practices, and how to tell a compelling story on her website. She learns a lot along the way, and, with her website broken down into best-practice building blocks, she is able to choose what information she wants to include and makes quick progress. 

Once she’s done with everything, Macy lets Valerian know and the team gets to work on her website. After a few days, she receives her full, optimized copy in a Google doc for review. Once she approves the copy, Valerian starts the design process in Figma for easy review and a round of edits. It’s exciting to see her website taking shape, and soon development is underway!

And then, in just a little over two weeks after she finished her copy, her one-page website is live! She comes away with training documents about how to edit the content of her website in the future so everything stays up-to-date with her new gym.

Sam’s Custom Website Story

Sam’s company has a few unique functionalities they’d need for their website, so a Custom Website was the obvious choice. He and his team have spent the last few months gearing up for the website overhaul. His internal marketing team has spent a lot of time strategizing about the new website, and all their copy and content are ready to go

The website project kicks off with a call to get everyone on the same page. All the functionalities and features are discussed, ideas are shared, the sitemap is reviewed, and the path forward is forged. Everyone knows what needs to be done next. 

The Valerian team sends access to the project portal on Content Snare as well as the dedicated Google Drive folder for the website project. Sam’s team uploads all the content to the right documents and folders, and then they let the Valerian team know that everything is ready to be reviewed. The Valerian copywriter gets to work proofreading and optimizing the copy for the web

Once it’s time for Sam and his team to look over the copy, they collect their feedback and hand it over to Valerian for final edits before design and development. Now that the copy is finalized, design begins. Valerian creates a mockup of the whole website in Figma so everyone can work collaboratively on the design. Sam knows that design takes about 1 week for every 2 pages on his site, so he knows how long the wait will be. The design is approved, and it’s on to development!

The Valerian team works hard to bring the design to life on a staging server, and Sam and his team are kept up to date on where things stand. When the website is finally finished, Sam and his team are able to navigate through the whole website and point out any errors or bugs. Once everything is addressed, it’s time to launch!

After the website is live, Sam and his team receive access to their own Client Portal in The Greenhouse, a place where they can find documentation and help articles that cover keeping their website up to date and making any changes they want post-launch. It’s another happily ever after.

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