How to Share Files via Google Drive

We have a folder set up for each client to ensure that there is a single place where we can share files.

Valerian uses Google Drive as our primary file storage system. We have a folder set up for each client to ensure that there is a single place where we can share files; this also ensures that the entire Valerian team has access to everything they need to assist with your support requests. Google allows multiple users to edit or comment on files which makes it easier to keep track of changes and the status of a request or project.

How to Setup Google Drive

If you don’t already use Google Drive or have an account, you can sign up for a free Google account using your existing business email address.Β Follow the instructions here from Google to create your account.Β If you’d prefer, we can also invite a personal Gmail address to your shared folder.

Finding Your Shared Folder

To find your Shared Google Drive Folder, refer to the link in your Client Portal here in The Greenhouse, or click the “Shared With Me” tab on the left side ofΒ Google DriveΒ and look for a folder called “Your Business Name and Valerian Shared.”

Best Practices for File Sharing

We are dedicated to giving you the best support possible. Below are some tips to ensure that Google Drive is used efficiently.

Do not share directly from your Google Drive

Please do not share folders or files from your Google Drive directly with a Valerian team member. Instead, upload, move, or add a shortcut to our shared folder where team members will automatically be able to access them.

Starting with a Word or Excel Document

If you started with a Word or Excel document, you can upload it to the shared folder and convert it to a Google Doc.

Do not email documents

Do not email Word or Excel documents to us. If there are changes to these documents, it’s likely that your request is already in the queue and the team member working on it may not see the email update. Instead, be sure to start with a Google Doc and make changes there as we see them in real-time.

Organize files

Feel free to organize your files into subfolders as you submit requests to us.

Learn More

Want to learn more about how to use Google Docs and Drive?Β We recommend Saperis’ YouTube Channel.Β 

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