Work with Valerian

We are always looking for talented folks to join our team and help us carry out our mission to do good business without the burnout.

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Things we love

Remote work

Creativity + collaboration

Meeting new people

Sound like a dream come true? 😍
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We’re always on the lookout for:

  • WordPress Developer (contractor)
  • Web Designer (contractor)
  • WordPress Customer Support Specialist
  • Copywriter (contractor)
  • Analytics/SEO Expert (contractor)

Do something that isn’t on the list but you think Valerian needs?
Fill out the application and let us know what we’re missing!

What we value


Whether it’s providing direct and timely feedback or addressing issues as soon as they arise, we believe that clear communication is kind. No passive aggression or beating around the bush here.


Continued growth and development make life interesting, and we think that should go for work as well. We support our team members in their pursuit of professional development and love exploring new ideas and approaches.


We believe that people are at their best when they can bring their whole selves to work. Your identity, interests, experiences, humor, passions: it’s all welcome here.


Our team is made up of creative problem-solvers. Just because something has always been done one way doesn’t mean it’s the best way; we love innovation, originality, and thinking outside the box.


The whole Valerian brand is built around the idea of well-being for all: our clients and our team. In our modern culture of overwork and burnout, we believe in doing business a different way: one that prioritizes the people, not the profit.