Manny Salazar

Anime fan, plant parent, and Valerian Success Manager

☕ 🧘‍♂️ 🌵 🎨 🎍

Numerous potted plants are arrayed on shelves and tables in front of a sunny window.
Ang from Avatar the Last Airbender stands on a rock with his Air Nomad tattoos glowing.
Manny Salazar, a man with black hair and facial hair, smiles in a bright yellow shirt.
The Los Angeles skyline as seen from a distance with cars and houses of a residential neighborhood.
Milk being poured artfully into a small mug of coffee.

Manny ensures things run smoothly as Valerian’s Success Manager. 

If you go looking for Manny when he’s enjoying some downtime, you’ll likely find him with a cup of coffee in his hand (there is no such thing as too much coffee). You might also find him drawing, practicing yoga, or meditating (Manny is always looking to find more peace and serenity in his life 😌). 

He’s a proud plant parent and enjoys adding a new plant (or two) to his collection and watching YouTube videos to find out how to help them thrive—snake plants, cacti, and birds of paradise are some of his favorites. If he isn’t enjoying a moment of tranquility or caring for his plants, you will probably find him watching anime (his favorites include Naruto, Attack on Titan, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra). 

Manny learned how to master new software and technology quickly as kid and gained the skill of patiently explaining and troubleshooting technology with others. 

Since his dad owned a moving company, he was often called upon to help with email, printing, and other issues. Those early experiences gave him a skillset that both clients and the Valerian team benefit from every day. 

Manny’s duties at Valerian are many: website maintenance and updates, marketing research, training and onboarding, admin assistance, and everything in between.

Manny lives in Los Angeles, California, where he and his plants enjoy warm days and lots of sunshine.