Bull terrier, banana connoisseur, and Valerian mascot

🐶 🦴 🎾 🍌 💤

A black and white bull terrier sitting in a chair on the beach.
A dog wearing a plaid shirt sitting on the floor.
A black and white bull terrier sitting on a person's lap.
A black and white dog in a park with a city in the background.
A dog laying on a rug in a living room.

With his winning personality and a passion for the finer things in life, Nick is Valerian’s mascot.

One of Nick’s favorite pastimes is taking a walk to the nearest coffee shop for a puppuccino. Actually, it’s even better if it’s a drive to the coffee shop; he’ll get that extra energy out when he gets home (bully run!). 

While the great outdoors has lots of sights and smells that Nick loves to investigate (patches of grass, shoes, potted plants, tree trunks, that rock over there), his favorite place will probably always be the couch. He loves to indulge in peanut butter treats or bits of banana and then reward himself with a long nap. Nick spends the remainder of his free time thinking about how to rack up another astronomical veterinary bill (he’s high-maintenace as most incredible things are ????).

Nick was born to be the star of the show, and he puts his natural charisma and good looks to work for Valerian as their mascot and company morale booster. 

You can often find him fulfilling his job duties by looking adorable and making jingly noises in the background of Manny’s Zoom calls. 

Nick lives in Los Angeles, California, along with his favorite spot on the couch.