Crystal Missler

Rollercoaster enthusiast, sheep collector, and Valerian Developer

🎢 🐑 🎭 📷 🌺

A Millennium Force memento photo featuring Crystal and a friend screaming happily.
A pot with a sheep design sits on a wooden table with happy plants sprouting out of it.
Crystal Missler, a woman with light blonde hair and blue eyes, stands outside, smiling.
Actors and props for Seussical the Musical arrayed mid-performance on a stage.
A black and gray dog lays in an orange hammock with a leg draped over the edge.

As Valerian’s Developer, Crystal takes care of everything from simple updates to full site builds.

If given a day to spend however she’d like, you’ll find Crystal at Cedar Point from the time the gates open until they close, riding as many roller coasters as she can fit into the day (as for her favorite, Millennium Force and Steel Vengeance are tied). Crystal is also a lifelong sheep collector—she began her collection as an infant—and has often wondered if she could set a Guinness World Record.

A theater lover, Crystal has directed over a dozen shows, ranging from Seussical: The Musical to The Diary of Anne Frank. She enjoys photography, although one wedding was enough to decide that being a wedding photographer was not for her. Recently, Crystal has become interested in plants and loves learning what it takes to make each plant happy. She may also sneakily deadhead your flowers when you’re not looking, but don’t worry! 🌼 It’s good for them.

Crystal has always been incredibly logical, organized, and efficient, a combo that makes her outstanding at her job. Although it was never in her dreams as a kid, Crystal feels like her role as a web developer is very well suited to her personality.

In her day-to-day at Valerian, she tackles whatever is on her list for the day, helping clients update their websites, adding pages, or redesigning things. She also does a lot of new site builds for clients, a task where her attention to detail really shines through.

Crystal and the Bern dog (an avid lover of Cheerios) live in northwest Ohio, where the rollercoasters of Cedar Point aren’t too far away.