Ben Daron

Binge-watcher, Halloween enthusiast, and Valerian Owner

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Ben in the middle of a workout in a rainy parking lot.
Ben's house decorated with lights and skeletons for Halloween.
Ben Daron, a man with dark brown hair, sits in a sunlit room and smiles.
An aerial view of Columbus, Ohio, at sunset with the buildings and river in view.
Nick the bull terrier licks from a Starbucks cup with his name on it.

Longtime entrepreneur and creative problem-solver, Ben is the owner of Valerian.

If there’s a new TV series to binge, you’ll likely hear about it from Ben. Ever since high school, Ben has been the friend who will tell you about the show you just have to watch (back then it was Supernatural, more recently it’s Succession). If he’s not watching four episodes of a new show back-to-back, he’s often heading to the gym or a coffee shop (black coffee with almond or oat milk, please). 

Ben’s competitive streak comes out during his favorite board games, Aggravation and Uno, or during a Mario Kart race. Halloween is Ben’s favorite holiday, and he’s got a stash of skeletons in his garage just waiting for October. Some years, he even sends out a Halloween card (complete with candy! ????) to his friends and family.

Growing up, Ben’s parents owned and operated a small business, and he was often helping out or brainstorming ways to make his parent’s business more successful. 

Those early experiences gave Ben a passion for helping business owners thrive, a passion that is foundational to Valerian and the company’s mission. 

Valerian clients work closely with Ben and will come to appreciate his diverse expertise, excellent communication, and dedication to a job well done and know him as designer, consultant, project manager, and prolific doer-of-things. 

Ben lives in Columbus, Ohio, where you can find him taking walks with Valerian’s own mascot, Nick the bull terrier.