Amy Ashley

Reader, embroidery artist, and Valerian Copywriter

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A brightly lit room with bookshelves, a piano, and an armchair wait beyond a purple door.
A display of embroidery hoops and threads hanging on a wall.
Amy Ashley, a person with dark blonde hair, green eyes, and glasses, smiling warmly.
Amy and her partner Joel, a man with brown hair, stand in front of a row of tropical trees.
Two black and white tuxedo cats sit in a cat tree in front of a sunny window.

Amy is Valerian’s own certified Storybrand copywriter.

Faced with a day free of appointments or obligations, Amy will opt for a good book and a cup of tea (oolong!). The book might be nonfiction, but let’s be honest, it’s most likely YA fantasy and she’s probably already read it at least three times already. One of her cats will find her lap for an afternoon snooze, and the other cat will get cranky that he didn’t think of it first. 

Amy also loves to create and can often be found embroidering funny things onto hoops or tea towels for her friends (Live Laugh Leave). After the books are read and the things are made, you’ll likely find Amy playing video games, her favorite being anything from The Legend of Zelda franchise (except for Skyward Sword 🤢). 

Amy stood out as the only kid in her fifth grade class that enjoyed diagramming sentences, so growing up to work with words was no big shocker to family and friends. 

In her role at Valerian, Amy is responsible for writing any brand copy and making sure all the commas are in the right place, and she admits to still occasionally diagramming sentences in her mind. 

Her wordsmithing is also available to Valerian clients, and she makes sure every single website gets a comprehensive grammar checkup before going live. 

Amy lives outside Columbus, Ohio, with her partner, Joel, and their two cats, Ezio and Gulu.