Custom Websites

1. Apply for a custom website

The Valerian team will review and be in touch if you’re accepted

2. Kick-off call + onboarding

Everyone gets on the same page, the sitemap is discussed, as well as any ideas and inspiration

Access to project portal and shared Google Drive for the project

3. Information collection via Content Snare + Google Drive

On Content Snare, you’ll fill out:

  • Business information
  • Branding and design preferences
  • Technical details
  • You’ll upload all copy to Google Drive

    (If you choose the copywriting add-on, your copy will be drafted for you after the copywriting call)

5. Design Feedback

2 rounds of feedback and design edits

1-hour call to review together

4. Website design via Figma

About 1 week per every 2 pages on your sitemap

Your copy will be proofread (and optimized for the web, if you choose the optimization add-on) during this step

6. Website development on staging server

About 3 days per page

Feedback and bug correction

7. Website launch!

Documentation and training in The Greenhouse

Ongoing support and maintenance