Business Basics

Business Basics

When content determines the design of your website, it follows that your content really needs to be polished and well thought out.

How to Tell a Story

Your website will tell a story to the people who visit your site. You aren’t the main character; your clients/customers are. 

Pain Points

The practical pain point is often the one you think of first, and it’s probably the main issue your product/service/etc. aims to address or the reason it was created.

Your Value Proposition

If pain points are the problem, then your value proposition is the solution, the path forward, the wise advice, the answer.


A company’s tagline is usually one of the primary things they are recognized by, and it serves to represent the brand in a compelling and memorable way. 

Your Elevator Pitch

If you’ve never heard of an elevator pitch, the idea is pretty simple: it’s a short and succinct summary of your business, service, or product that could be delivered to a new acquaintance during a short elevator ride. 

Corporate Identity + Voice

While you should absolutely have a voice that you use for emails that come directly from you, LinkedIn posts, etc., your business/organization should have its own voice that is separate. 

The Primary Goal of Your Website

You only want to choose one primary goal for your website; if you try to achieve more than one thing, your website is more likely to be ineffective or confusing.