Just Do It. I’m Lovin’ It. Do you immediately know which businesses these taglines belong to? That means they’re doing their job!

tagline is a short and memorable phrase that is often used heavily in marketing. A company’s tagline is usually one of the primary things they are recognized by, and it serves to represent the brand in a compelling and memorable way

A tagline isn’t the place to describe your whole philosophy or even the value of your offerings. If someone can’t repeat your tagline back to you after hearing it once, it’s too complicated. 😵‍💫 

💭 Some things to consider 

If you don’t have a tagline for your business/organization, working through the rest of this course might help you come up with one. But if you’ve got an idea of what you’d like to communicate and to whom, you may just need a little time to come up with the right thing. Here are some questions that might get you closer to coming up with a good tagline:

  • Is there a phrase or a few words that you find yourself using a lot when you’re talking about your business/organization?
  • What valuesqualities, or feelings are central to what you do?
  • Have any of your past customers/clients said something in conversation with you, a testimonial, or a review that really stuck in your head?
  • Is there a certain identity you are selling to your clients/customers?

When it comes down to it, a tagline is not the end-all, be-all. You can’t possibly say everything there is to say about your brand in one phrase, so don’t try to make your tagline do all the heavy lifting. Instead, aim to come up with something that you think speaks to the aspirations of your ideal client or gets at the spirit of what they’re looking for. ✨

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