Comprehensive Website Audit​

Is your website working for you or against you?

The bright Buurma Farms website as shown on a tablet.
Two views of the Kousma Builders website.
The elegant website for Gillenwater Consulting Group.

Is your site...

Well designed



Get a free audit of your website and Google Business profile with a 30-minute consultation call to go over the results!

If you do a quick Google search about what makes a good website, you’re likely to get a lot of information about SEO or ads for trendy templates and themes. But there’s actually a lot more that goes into your website’s well-being, and some of the most important things are hidden under the surface.

We’ve been building websites for over a decade, and we’ve taken what we know and used it to shape a comprehensive website audit to check on the efficacy of your website. You’ll walk away with a report that lets you know what’s going great and where your website may be falling short.

What does a comprehensive website audit include?

We take a close look at both the technical side and the user experience of your site.

Technical Details

There’s more to a good website than meets the eye: plugins and updates, loading speed, image optimization, security and backups, and more.

User Experience

Bad websites can do more harm than good: ease of navigation, mobile responsive, accessibility, intuitive layout, and more.

Are you ready to check on
the health of your website?

We promise: this is not a sales pitch. We will focus entirely on the results of your audit and what action steps we’d suggest based on best practices and current standards. If you’re interested in working with Valerian after our call, we can give you more information about our services, but that won’t be the purpose of the call.