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How to revert/rollback page changes

Elementor makes it easy to revert changes you make to your site, should you need to. Here’s how to revert small changes or roll back an entire page to a former version.

How to revert small changes

If you’re working on your site and you accidentally make a change to an element or decide after making a change that you don’t like it, there are a couple of easy ways to revert these small changes.

If you’ve just made the change

Simply using the keyboard shortcut for undo can revert a change that you just made. On a Windows machine, this will be Ctrl + Z, and on a Mac, it will be Cmd + Z.

Note: You’ll want to make sure that you don’t have any particular text elements selected to do this.

If you made the change a while back, but haven’t published the page yet

By clicking on the Elementor logo in the upper left-hand side of the screen, you’ll be given a drop-down menu of options. Select History. This will open a panel with two tabs: Actions and Revisions

Note: If you’re using an older version of Elementor, you’ll want to click on the history icon in the bottom left-hand corner; this icon looks like a circle with a backward arrow.

In the Actions tab, you’ll see the unpublished changes you’ve made to your page. You can click on each change to go back and forth between your edits and select which version you’d like to revert to.

How to roll back entire pages

Sometimes you’ve made a change to your site, published it, and then decided that you want to change the page (or header or footer) back. This is also easy to do.

With the History panel open, select the Revisions tab. This will display the different published versions of your site, the time since this version was published, as well as the date and time of publishing.

βœ… We recommend: If you’re making substantial changes to your site, come to the Revisions tab and make note of the time and date of the current version of your site. This can help you know which one to select if you update things and then want to roll back.

Note: If a version seems to be missing, you may need to refresh your browser as it may take a minute to catch up. 

If you ever need help, contact us!

We do daily backups of your site, so if you’re having trouble rolling back after making changes, we can often use our backup to restore the last version. We can also help if you’ve made an error and aren’t sure how to change it back, or if you can’t find the version you’d like to restore to in Elementor. 

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