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How to copy and paste content from Word or Google

Avoid Pitfalls of copying content

There are potential pitfalls when copying content from Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or another application. Let’s say you have some new content for your website in a Google Doc or Microsoft Word document. You go to copy and paste it, and suddenly the formatting doesn’t look right or there’s a weird character that has suddenly appeared in the text. This can be frustrating, but there’s an easy fix: plain text. But first, let’s look at the different methods you might be using to take highlighted text from one place to another.

  • Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+C and Cmd+V (Mac)
    Many people use these keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste material on their computers. 
  • Right-click menu copy and paste
    Some folks may right-click on text they’ve highlighted and select copy from the menu. Then, in the destination, they’ll right-click again and select pasteThis is the same action as Ctrl/Cmd+C and Ctrl/Cmd+V

Sometimes, copy and paste will bring along unwanted formatting (like italics, etc.) or hidden characters (this can be especially prevalent with Microsoft products). These issues aren’t always immediately visible in the WordPress admin area, but they’ll appear on the live site later.  

How to copy and paste in plain text

Method 1

Adding a single keystroke to your keyboard shortcut can solve the formatting dilemma. If instead of Ctrl/Cmd+C and Ctrl/Cmd+V, you use Ctrl/Cmd+C and Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+V, you’ll paste in plain text.

Note: You do not need to add the Shift key to Ctrl/Cmd+C. Just copy as normal and add Shift to your pasting shortcut.

Method 2

If you prefer to use the menu to copy and paste, you can still accomplish the same thing by selecting Paste and Match Style when you are bringing text into the page editor on the WordPress admin area. This will bring the words without any formatting or hidden characters.

πŸ€“Β Bonus Tip: This option is available in most word-processing apps, but the wording of the option might vary slightly. When you are pasting to Google Docs, for example, you’d selectΒ Paste without formatting.Β 

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