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👋 Start Here

If you are new to WordPress, Elementor, or managing your website, these lessons cover the basics of navigating and using the admin area of your website.

How to login

Open your web browser and add your website domain to the top address bar, adding /wp-admin/ at the end of the address. This will take you to the login page.

How to add and remove users

Enter the information for your new user. At a minimum, you’ll need to provide a username and email address, but you can also add their first and last name or generate a secure password.

Navigating the admin area

This is a brief overview of the WordPress admin area, highlighting the most common things you’ll need to do to make changes to your website.

Introduction to Elementor (page editing)

While WordPress is your content management system (sometimes referred to as a website platform), we use Elementor to actually build the pages of your website. With Elementor, your website will still be built on WordPress, but we layer Elementor over WordPress