💻 Page + Content Management

Learn the basics of managing the content on your website, including how to edit pages. These lessons cover images, files, mobile editing, and using saved settings to keep your site content pristine.

Best practices for website images

Images can play a huge part in the loading speed and functioning of your website, so taking the steps to ensure that your images are web-ready can do a lot for your website’s performance and SEO. 

How to edit pages on your website

The WordPress admin area will allow you to see all the pages on your website. After you log in, click on Pages on the left side of your screen.

How to revert/rollback page changes

Elementor makes it easy to revert changes you make to your site, should you need to. Here’s how to revert small changes or roll back an entire page to a former version.

How to add a new page

If you’re expanding your website and want to add a new page, there are a couple of routes you can take.