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Writing Great Content

Writing Great Content

Whether you’re going through our Quickstart process or not, you’ll likely come across the word copy when working on your website.

Headers, Subheaders, and Body Text

Making use of header tags is an important part of SEO (search engine optimization), but you want to avoid trying to accomplish too much with them.

The Hero

A hero is the very top part of a webpage, typically a section that spans the screen’s width, often with visual and textual elements displayed.

Agitating Pain Points

To agitate a pain point is to make that pain point more obvious or to make the person visiting your website more aware of how their problem interferes with their life. 

Offering the Solution

Whatever it is that you are offering, that is the solution for your potential customer/client.

Next Steps + CTAs

A CTA (or call to action) is the part of your website that urges the visitor to take the next step, which is almost always whatever action corresponds with your primary goal

The Importance of Good Testimonials

Recommendations from others are a huge motivator when it comes to choosing a product/service/etc. This is the reason why testimonials are so important.

Making the Most of Your Page(s)

Websites vary a lot in size: there are companies that need very large websites to accommodate everything they want to have online and then there are small businesses who don’t need more than a page or two.